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Importance of homepage in website

26 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Ultimez Publié dans #Web Development, #home page web development, #web design, #impressive web design, #Unique web design, #website development

The homepage is considered as most important part of the whole site. It is the first page that visitors will view.  To have a successful website a good homepage is necessary and also becomes a blueprint for every successful business. The homepage should be able to set-up the key elements depending on what your primary and secondary objectives are. But a poor homepage may destroy the chance of achieving your website objectives.

  The homepage should be one that propels feelings of quality, visual pleasing, effects and dialogue interactivity. Similarly, the homepage should be an easy zone that lets users make their own choices.

The successful homepage must be:

  • Must attract appropriate and potential visitors to your site.
  • The homepage needs to be tightly focused addressing its target audience in the   easiest way of an understanding level.
  • The best homepages are never been static but continue changing, adapting and reflecting both visitor feedback and company’s changes.
  • Without being complicated, stretched, the homepages should be viewable on different devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

The key items to be followed in a homepage for a website:

Have a great headline: A good and interesting headline can help to grab the visitor’s attention and can also drag them throughout into your site.

Establish your trust and credibility: In order to capture immense attention of your visitors, try to add some of these following points in your homepage.

  • References
  • Testimonials
  • Guarantees
  • Case studies
  • Awards
  •  Privacy and other legal policies
  • Evidence of a physical presence
  • Professional design
  • Error free content(more credibility)

Consider using dynamic website personalization: Relevance, engagement and trust can be built by dynamic website personalization. This website can also help to increase lead generation, building customer trust and makes easier for buyers to make purchasing decisions.

Embrace simplicity: Making it simple by removing unnecessary distractions and focus on a simple design that clearly provides guidelines and relevance to their interests.

So check out your homepage and make sure you’re covering the basics, for more information please do contact us.

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