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Importance of Visual in web design

30 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Ultimez technology Publié dans #Visual in web design, #Unique web design, #impressive web design, #Creative logo design, #Graphic designers, #Graphic Designing

We all have heard the saying “a picture can speak a thousand words”. In web design one trend has set since the beginning of web is that images are powerful. They can do or define the emotions from a page, website, and company.



The roles of Visuals in web design are they play an utterly different role in marketing. Images can be pleasing but they don’t actually explain what the user is going to read throughout your site but images can help your visitors to be connected and feel comfortable on your website.

The images are more important because…..


•    Images are worth a thousand words

•    Images provide easier navigation

•    Images are the first thing a user sees on your website

•    User likes images more


What makes images good?


•    Images which grabs the reader’s attention

•    The image which has aesthetics so pick an attractive image.

•    Images which is able to set an emotion from pages of sites.

•    Images which can explain what the article is all about

•    Image which can be introduction element to your reader’s topic.


Why good images have substantial impact on your website (potentials):


•    Increase the average number of pages visited

•    Increase traffic to your website

•    Increase the number of social shares

•    Increase time on site

•    Increase total sales for a product

•    Improves SEO on your site


Few things to know about images in web design:


  • Visual information is very convenient through images, even thought with nice design site looks boring without images.
  • An image helps to seek attention and to guide visitor’s line of sight and also an easy way to improve the user experience of your website.
  • The one image can help your visitors to stick onto your website is the company logo which helps to identify your website.
  • With relevant images that someway support your content.
  • Images can help to recognize any human elements on the web, who really matches your site’s character.
  • Optimize images can have a great impact on the user experience of a website.

We like images because they are easy to connect with our customers, they are convenient and easy to memorize.

For more information, please do contact us.

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