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Importance of Visual in web design

30 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Ultimez technology Publié dans #Visual in web design, #Unique web design, #impressive web design, #Creative logo design, #Graphic designers, #Graphic Designing

We all have heard the saying “a picture can speak a thousand words”. In web design one trend has set since the beginning of web is that images are powerful. They can do or define the emotions from a page, website, and company. The roles of Visuals in...

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Which Logo Style is Right for Your Website?

30 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Ultimez Technology Publié dans #Creative logo design, #Unique web design, #Graphic designers, #impressive web design, #impressive logo design

The logo gives a clear impression of your company and helps to convey right messages to your potential customers. Before they walk through your website they have more likely formed opinions about your company based on logo design. According to an expert,...

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Importance of homepage in website

26 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Ultimez Publié dans #Web Development, #home page web development, #web design, #impressive web design, #Unique web design, #website development

The homepage is considered as most important part of the whole site. It is the first page that visitors will view. To have a successful website a good homepage is necessary and also becomes a blueprint for every successful business. The homepage should...

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